Hotel Overview

Welcome to Jaffna Green Grass Hotel, a hotel and restaurant located in heart of the Jaffna Peninsula, with the penchant for great hospitality and passion for style. The Green Grass shows the diversity in means of Unique experiences in each of the hotel from the rooms with specified facilities, so take your pick and we will deliver.

Ideally, we are located close to Jaffna Railway station and walking distance from Jaffna town. Our rooms, restaurants, bars, lounges,and swimming pool combine with class service along with the inspired interior and nature aided surrounding, giving you a combination of experience the jaffna traditional hospitality.

We facilitates the spaces for the private parties, conferences and weddings with the repetitive services.

Green Grass delivers a great hospitality for the customers, with well trained and perfect staff members on time along the satisfaction.

Hotel Facilities
  • Accommodation (Standard - Suite Rooms)
  • Wedding & Party Halls
  • VIP Meeting Space
  • Swimmingpool Facility
  • Open & Indoor Restaurants
  • Bar Facilities
  • Takeaway Facilities
  • Free Shuttle Services
  • Tour & Vehicle Facilities
  • Bicycle & Motor Bikes
  • Free Driver Accomodation
  • 24 Hrs Reception

Tel : +94 21 222 4385 / +94 21 222 1686